Why Micromanos?

Why Micromanos?

MBE/DBE Certified

Flexible Billing Options

Extensive Background Checks

(upon request)

Fully Customized Consulting Service

Bilingual Recruitment Capability

And even more reason for you to choose Micromanos


  1. Trustworthy

    We have successfully achieved trust and credibility from clients through over 10 years of experience in the placement industry. We have achieved several award including Good Standing Company by NAPEO, Workforce Leadership Award by Department of Economic Development.

  2. Diversity

    Our experiences in working with diverse communities allow us to have one of the best bilingual labors.

  3. Affordable Pricing

    We are here to support you reduce your business cost arising from HR operations. You will receive our best price for the best quality for your bottom line.  Payroll, tax, workers compensations, and benefits are all included.

  4. Quality

    We have rigorous screening process including detailed interview (face-to-face), E-verify legal status verification, education/training credentials verifications, employer reference, and background checks. Our recruiting experts help you find the “best match” for you.

  5. Low Risk and Savings

    You have the option to evaluate our employees without worrying about legal liabilities, taxes, workers compensations, unemployment benefits, and all other HR concerns. Your business’ efficiency and success are our goal.



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